Laters, baby.
"I'm very singular, driven. I like control – of myself and those around me."


“You really are very lovely. I’m a lucky man,” he murmurs as his fingers skim over my breasts, spreading the lotion. “Yes, you are, Mr. Grey.” I gaze coyly up at him through my lashes. “Modesty becomes you, Mrs. Grey. Turn over. I want to do your back.” Smiling, I roll over, and he undoes the back strap of my hideously expensive bikini. “How would you feel if I went topless, like the other women on the beach?” I ask. “Displeased,” he says without hesitation. “I’m not very happy about you wearing so little right now.” He leans down and whispers in my ear. “Don’t push your luck.” “Is that a challenge, Mr. Grey?” “No. It’s a statement of fact, Mrs. Grey.” - Fifty Shades of Freed

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"Hello Nylon TV. I’m Jamie Dornan and I’m your Model Citizen.”
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Happy birthday, Mr. Grey!
Christian Trevelyan Grey - June 18, 1983.
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"I guess I'm just lucky with my genes."